Welcome to Details Consulting

Details Consulting is a boutique firm that specializes in communication, community development, political consulting and event planning.
We work with causes and clients we believe in and leverage social media, direct outreach, and events to grow causes into movements, candidates into elected officials, and dreams into realities.
The company planned  congressional retreats and  fundraisers, executed community events, created communication plans for complex initiatives of all sizes and scales. We help you succeed by taking care of all of the Details.  


At Details believe that communicating you message clearly and effectively is the most important part of any business, campaign, or endeavor. Our greatest pleasure is making sure your audience hears what you want to say loud and clear.

Community Development

Community is the corner stone of any enterprise. At Details we strive to build your community through social media, direct outreach, and compelling content. You need hands to build your goals. Community is how you get them.


Money isn't everything. But it certainly helps a lot of things. At Details we recognize this and embrace the ongoing challenge of raising the dollars you need to create the change you seek.

Event Planning

We are good at lot, but we are best at events. Details believes that face to face events are the best way to engage an audience, motivate a team, or build a movement. We plan and execute events with the utmost care down to the last detail.

Past Clients

Our Team

Yolonda Addison

Managing Director and CEO

Michel Faulkner Jr.

Director of Digital Communications

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